CHIKAKORE! We check entertainment information of underground shopping center! It is Clik! with curious image

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Whole Wi-Fi/Wi-MAX WHITY passage opening!

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Guidance and approach and request to prevention of new coronavirus infection spread for business resumption
We would like to express our heartfelt sympathy to person infected with new coronavirus infectious disease and people concerned. It is Namba war for prevention of infection spread of new coronavirus...

[re-extension] Announcement of "advantageous festival cash voucher of card DE spring" use extension
Following the fact that emergency declaration was announced from the government, we issue by "advantageous festival of card DE spring" that we held on Wednesday for ▶▶3 25 days a month on Thursday, March 19, 2020...

Friday, April 3 first Avenue north street "KASHIYAMA" opening!
Island that KASHIYAMA sent custom-made suit which made full use of innovation and technology at hand in 30,000 yen (tax-excluded) ..., a minimum period of one week, and there was...

Second Avenue south street "MIX-O" reopens after renovation on Friday, March 13!
We began the handling of brand "anysis" which suggested NEXT FEMININE BASIC for Japanese working women.

Wednesday, March 11 first Avenue south street "ETIENNE" opening!
3/11 first Avenue south street "ETIENNE" opening! We want to be by fashion at any age ♪ ETIENNE is brand which is good to such a woman...

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Price may change. For more details, please refer to each store.