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Bleu Bleuet/ Bleu Bleuet miscellaneous goods

Working hours
①From 9:30 to 17:30 (the first shift)
②From 13:00 to 21:00 (late shift <shift system>
Contact information
Hourly wage
900 yen - 1,000 yen
Work contents
Miscellaneous goods sale, waiting on customers (we are inexperienced, and one liking miscellaneous goods is welcome!)

Qualifications: Person who can work more than high-school graduate for one, long term when duty is possible on student impossibility, Saturdays, Sundays and holidays
Holiday: We treat more than seven days a month: There are transportation expenses supply, social insurance perfection, employee appointment
☆At first please contact the person in charge.

LEUN/ LEUN miscellaneous goods

Working hours
From 9:45 to 21:15 (shift system)
Contact information
Hourly wage
Part-time job hourly wage 900 yen ... (there is in term of trial)
Transportation expenses: Rule supply
Work contents
Qualification: Person who can work on one (student impossibility), Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays when are higher than high-school graduate
Person who can do simple PC operation
Work contents: Sale, ordering, merchandise management

It is cat and shop of Japanese arts & crafts. One that cat likes let alone miscellaneous goods
We wait for nogo application.

Refresh Hands NAMBA WALK first Avenue store / refreshment hands NAMBA WALK first fellow ten relaxation

Working hours
10:00~22:00 (shift system)
Contact information
Hourly wage
1,000 yen - + incentive + medical treatment (internship hourly wage 883 yen)
Work contents
It is work to heal heart and body by various care menus including body care foot care.

◆It wants to be helpful for somebody ◆We like waiting on customers ◆We want to add job to hand ◆We want to work in calm space                
Does even one not challenge one, therapist whom it applied to? Application between friends is welcomed, too!