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Leather accessory, bag

With wallet and bag of wide design
We enjoy "aging" only by genuine leather.

Wallet and bag which can enjoy leather secular variation "aging" that color changes while we use and is shiny are lineups. We sell wallet made of genuine leather at 10,000 yen and reasonable price.


From 10:00 to 21:00
Phone number



☆New product ☆The Vintage Croco series arrival!

Vintage Croco (vintage crocodile) series is available than series of crocodile☆
We make model push of crocodile on this case leather and are series that is adult who finished dyeing in rich calm color taste. As it is unisex design which is usable regardless of man and woman, it is wonderful to have pairwise♪
Item to clockwise direction zip-around breast wallet 15,000 yen + tax, pen case 4,000 yen + tax, L-form skippet 3,000 yen + tax, L-form coin case 4,000 yen + tax, L-form key case 6,000 yen + tax
We offer in three colors of development (Bordeaux, NOIR, Peacock).


☆It is recommended to gift☆

It is November, and is it not time to think about gift of Christmas soon? ♪ Recommendation of Namba store is map print more antique than atonumerezashirizu and noisy London print ☆As for using printed difference pairwise ♪ Please enjoy leather secular variation together☆
Fastener wallet 5,500 yen + tax, key case 5,500 yen + tax (set price 11,000 yen + tax)
Person of trouble, please talk about what you should be going to like gifts such as Christmas or birthday with the staff by all means ♪ We suggest to be able to help with every effort☆★


2017.11.01 (HIRAMEKI)

We have wallet and BAG of leather products at reasonable price. As there is the handling of accessory and accessories such as pass case or book jacket, let alone oneself use, please use as gift use by all means.

[day of tiger of November is 29th on 17th for five days in December for .23 days for 11 days!] We buy a new wallet, and luck with money improves☆


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