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Leather accessory, bag

With wallet and bag of wide design
We enjoy "aging" only by genuine leather.

Wallet and bag which can enjoy leather secular variation "aging" that color changes while we use and is shiny are lineups. We sell wallet made of genuine leather at 10,000 yen and reasonable price.


From 10:00 to 21:00
Phone number



☆★Christmas fair holding☆★

We present key ring ☆(finished as soon as we disappear)
New product is released to event, too!
As you display Christmas tree in shop, please come to see♪


☆In a limited quantity! ☆Than Blue-ART series.♪

Limited number of than Blue-ART series featuring gorgeous pattern that leather of table finishes cowhide by indigo dyeing and finished dyeing in white case leather by dyeing inward, "Milky Way" is appearance!
When this "Milky Way" lets low soak before inside leather can be dyed with indigo plant, only there uses thing called "low buttocks dyeing" that print rises to without indigo plant being dyed. Because there is not thing same for one, we can enjoy encounter of once-in-a-lifetime chance♪
You take "Milky Way" that brilliant space spreads out whenever we open out in hand by all means, and please feel☆★
Zip-around breast wallet 40,000 yen + tax,
Coin purse 17,000 yen + tax,
Bangle 6,000 yen + tax


☆New product ☆Palm (palm) series

Palm (palm) series that pastel color and color of color show cute comes up!
Small wallet of palm size that was finished while it is regretted renews and comes home!
Part of coin purse became BOX type and was easy to see more and became easy to take☆
There are six card pockets, and there is storing power though it is small◎
All eight colors of PETIT wallet 10,000 yen + tax
Card file of spread type was done ☆As there is window, we can carry favorite photograph, too♪ 
All eight colors of card file 8,000 yen + tax


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