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Leather accessory, bag

With wallet and bag of wide design
We enjoy "aging" only by genuine leather.

Wallet and bag which can enjoy leather secular variation "aging" that color changes while we use and is shiny are lineups. We sell wallet made of genuine leather at 10,000 yen and reasonable price.


From 10:00 to 21:00
Phone number




We hold "HIRAMEKI.World collection" under the theme of my favorite “ which we found in “ world to 10/19 - 11/12. We present key holder of new pattern by the first arrival to customer who two new patterns in total come up fair, and, furthermore, purchased more than tax-included 15,000 yen in commemoration of release during period. (♪ that the purchase only for key ring is possible, too)


New pattern comes up than art series!

It is to thing that which "oriental lamp" which did Turkey in motif from "Zaire" which NEW design became release from atonume round, two series from 10/19, and did the current Republic of Congo in motif from atonume round design can feel secular variation splendidly. Please come to look at the real thing!


Please give me the advantageous replacement by purchase campaign right or wrong use☆

All of you HIRAMEKI who has you use whether you have wallet! You buy a new, and do you know campaign? We always perform campaign to be able to purchase 10% of new wallets in OFF when we have you bring in wallet of HIRAMEKI which you have finished using. What should I do in wallet which I have finished using? May there be much one having a problem in this? The staff takes wallet which I took to wallet memorial service with responsibility. As it is very attractive campaign, please use.


2018.10.01 (HIRAMEKI.)

We have wallet and BAG of leather products at reasonable price. As there is the handling of accessory and accessories such as pass case or book jacket, let alone you use, please use for gift use by all means.
[day of tiger of October is 30th on 6th, 18th in 1st, 13th, 25th, November!] We buy a new wallet, and luck with money improves☆


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