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Leather accessory, bag

With wallet and bag of wide design
We enjoy "aging" only by genuine leather.

Wallet and bag which can enjoy leather secular variation "aging" that color changes while we use and is shiny are lineups. We sell wallet made of genuine leather at 10,000 yen and reasonable price.


From 10:00 to 21:00
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Christmas fair☆

We are holding Christmas fair to 12/25. We present "moon mirror" to customer of purchase by the first arrival more than tax-included 15,000 yen. With with slim leather case, it is like stylish + practical use! Furthermore, we offer limited lapping only for this Christmas reflecting the image of moon state. So that as both are limited in number, curious one hastens♪


New color comes up from Morris series

New color "antique gold" joined popular Morris series! It becomes few very adult-like KOLOR for conventional Morris series. Antique feeling deteriorates with time to deepening leather more so as to use case leather that leather texture is felt for base, and to embezzle. There is not very thing which can enjoy secular variation with gold and is rare! Please come by all means to see.


We are reliable if we give this for Christmas!

How about Christmas present?…We introduce item which is recommended to gift to all of inside to think of from HIRAMEKI. "Morris pochette" which matches date clothes which even casual clothes are dressed up, and they want to do. It is sure to get what is pleased with at moment when we handed! All four-colored development of camel chocolate navy red. Popular KOLOR is colored chocolate♪


2018.12.01 (HIRAMEKI.)

We have wallet and BAG of leather products at reasonable price. As there is the handling of accessory and accessories such as pass case or book jacket, let alone you use, please use for gift use by all means.
[day of tiger of December is 5th, 17th, 29th in 12th, 24th, January, 2019!] We buy a new wallet, and luck with money improves☆


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