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The BRICK HOUSE shirt studio BRICK HOUSE SHIRTS KOBO / third Avenue

Shirt / [TAX FREE]

We are found simply because it is store specializing in shirts
One piece that is good to the scene and preference, figure.

Store specializing in men's ladies' shirts which are usable from business to casual. Tie which can coordinate with shirt is abundantly lineup. We suggest shirt-style that we matched with the scene of visitor.


From 10:00 to 21:00
Phone number



[members only] Summer special treatment fair [20%OFF]

During period of from Friday, May 26 to Monday, June 5,
All products with more than 1,000 yen (tax-excluded) of member are 20%OFF!
Please show special treatment guidance email or card at cash register (* ゝ ω); no☆

In addition, email of the day comes to apply to one that had you subscribe.

As we have a lot of short sleeves and breathable long sleeves shirts,
Please use shirt studio by all means in this season of change of dress♪

※Combination with other coupons is possible, too.
※Specifically, ask to the store staff.


BRICK HOUSE shirt studio

As size and design are abundant, please talk with the staff on visit casually. As the finish after washing is beautiful as for our form stability shirt, it is sure to get that we are addicted. We come to the store and look forward.


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