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LEUN LEUN / second Avenue

Miscellaneous goods

"*" (healing) "the sum" (relief) "flavor" (flavor)
We suggest Japanese modern-style

LEUN is Shop search which casual yozatsuka had on the basis of sum taste.

[8.18.28 day a month and third Sunday] This is day of LEUN!
It is point double day.
※Please note that sale product, service product, bargain item is excluded.


From 10:00 to 21:00
Phone number



Ornaments of the sexagenary cycle are available☆

2019 is the Year of the Boar!
A lot of ornaments of cute wild boar are available.
Please drop in☆


Knee cat☆

There are knee cats of moderate weight a lot♪
Be doing more heavily than common stuffed toy,
Cat which is genuine in MARU! It is good to present.


Black and white come☆

Black and white came and had series☆
Hide kidney; plate, granola bowl, soap dispenser,
The toothbrush stands, smartphone case, majority including tote bag!
Please come to meet very cute various black and white!


Quite popular Doraemon goods☆

It is goods of quite popular Doraemon from the arrival all the time!
Stationery, iPhone case
It is most suitable for pouch, handkerchief, present including towel♪


choo choo cat series☆

We had choo choo cat goods!
Mouse pad, external memory,
A lot of pretty goods including pouch♪
When we prepare with stuffed toy and mascot?♪


Big impact! Live-action film cat plate!

We had live-action film cat plates!
Not only confectionary, food but also,
Even if put accessories and key; GOOD♪
As we are pretty, please come to accent in living with one piece♪


Pretty! Killer whale grouper of puss!

Extreme popularity! We have killer whale grouper capless 9★
There is not trouble to exclude and can push cover immediately!
By the this purchase, we can make name mark with site or postcard♪


It is cool with wind-bell in summer!

It became hot!
We have wind-bell, majority.
Do you not spend cool summer with tone of wind-bell?♪


With goods that heat in the future is chilly!

Chilly pillow case, chilly blanket, chilly stuffed toy
nado! We are various ... that we squeezed up, and miscellaneous goods are flocks♪
As do, and, as well as cat, there is bear, too,
Please wear for peek to shop♪


It is ・・ to gift of Mother's Day

Handkerchief and loupe, ・・ including glasses case
In LEUN, it is good to gift to mother
We have cat miscellaneous goods♪
As we have gift items abundantly, we look forward to visit♪


Do you finish preparations for new school term, new life KATSU?

Handkerchief and pass case, ・・ including pen case
With cute cat
How about new life?
We make practical cat miscellaneous goods even with LEUN abundantly♪


moko cat series

Of color like spring
moko cat series is recommended!
We offer mug cup, bowl, bowl.
It is recommended to gift♪


It is oddoai.

Popular choo choo cat
It has become fruit this time!
The total picture is store by all means♪


New Face!

It features individual face
Extremely mysterious cat world goods are received!
In addition, we offer in various ways♪


The Year of the Dog

2018 is the Year of the Dog.
Under cover of many "pusss"
"wanko" is appearing frequently in secret!


Is that you match knit cap nya?

2017 is ... with early thing for remainder two months, too
It became really cold.
Look, cats are specifications really in winter, too.
To pretty good present♪


Snugly mew

It became noticeably cold.
Does hand not get cold?
Cover, and is type; as for the smartphone operation easily♪
nya which has warm goods one after another.


Close cat

Very light
Person surprised at comes.
And "product made in Japan" nice
Under close cat series popularity sudden rise☆


2018 calendar

Calendars are available in 2018.
In room, how about in office?
Cat enthusiast kisannihatamaranyai!
Besides, come to see right or wrong that is kind; and nya☆



It is ghost ... to cake in pumpkin
Black cat is bo renaidekudasainya, too♪
At first do you not feel season from ornament?


Naughtiness cat

Expressions are different each
We are used to hokkorishita feeling
Tableware of cat is available.
In coming season, we are discussed the rights and wrongs by attendant of pan♪


choo choo cat

Characters of Korea-born cat
choo choo cat (squeak cat)
It is omemegakawaisugimasu shiningly!
Please find favorite child♪


nya where we snuggle up to.

There were many inquiries
Mew large bed-sharing stuffed toy
It is received again!
This very loose face
We are just looking and are healed♪


"And others of Hidamari"

We used having spare time Japanese paper
It is pendulum wall clock made in Japan.
Handmade naradehano
nya where warmth is felt.


On everyday dining table cat.

"Soy sauce plates of cat" are received again at last!
Cat rises when we pour soy sauce.
It keeps mew 6 now.


★In a limited quantity★

Pretty basket bags are available♪
There are other kind, different colors.
As it is the arrival only for this time
It is ... early★☆★


You prepare, and do you not begin soon in the summer?

... such as mosquito selling, Japanese fan, UV product
Of course we have in pusss.
We are atsu ... and come over immediately in the summer.
We will receive in advance in LEUN in the summer!


Cherry tree and puss

Season of cherry blossoms came over this year.
With pretty tea set of puss
How about teacake of cherry tree, too?
There are different colors now, too♪


Initial mug cup appearance of cat!

Mug cup of our original cat debuts.
Cat sticks to ten kinds of initials
Very pretty mug cups were received.
Please come to store to see; nya.


"Tray lump"

Do you know the word "tray lump?"
Like New Year's present of the beginning of the year,
We give to child of grandchild and relative in Bon vacation
Tray lump means pocket money.
As slightly always different special pocket money
Why don't you delight children?


We began wind-bell.

It is almost summer soon!
One of the summer features is wind-bell.
Wind ting-a-ling sounds early in shop.
Wind-bells of cat were received, too.
Let's get over hot summer with tone of wind-bell coolly♪


Thank you, mother.

Did you decide present of Mother's Day?
Pair gift is recommended this year in & Father's Day in Mother's Day with all meaning of "be together forever"!
There is nice privilege including present of carnation (artificial flower) by purchase more than 2,000 yen.
We accept delivery on designation day!
For more details, ask the staff at store.


Kitty joins♡

Kitty joined LEUN!
It is tableware recommended for gift in Mother's Day.
Please drop in☆


Spring weather that cat is pleased with

Tea and cakes of popular cherry tree are already available every year♪
We offer gift which is recommended to present to important one.
Please drop in.


New item one after another!

Under the arrival one after another latest terchan & cat steamed bun!
Please come to meet☆


2016 [Year of the Monkey]

Town is the Christmas mood, but sells ornament of New Year holidays in our restaurant.
As it is only thing of one point of arrival, we stay, and there is a few.
There is nest of boxes which is indispensable to New Year dishes.
So that preparations hasten for New Year holidays☆


[impudence MAX!! ]

XL size of quite popular scratch is available.
What and 62cm in total length!
In a limited quantity. Early!


We cover smartphone to cat mirror!

Mirrors of the latest cat are available in large quantities. It is only one point of thing.
In addition, covers which any smartphone is available for are received!
ANDROID user whom we kept waiting!
Of course it is usable in i phone.


Bag hanger extreme popularity!

When when we made tea break in cafe a little, there was not place for baggage shop which moved to meal…. It is helpful and is item!
Cat printed nya which is received again!


[mosquito selling flock nya]

We had type to shine in article which there was as motif from cat-shaped thing, gloomy place.


[mom, thank you.]

As for the earthenware floral design in main
We prepared many sets.
Cat goods increased in shop.
Please come to see.


[passing prayer, Setsubun good luck charm]

We prepare a lot of ornaments.
There is ornament of the Doll's Festival and basic cat. Please come to see.


[piiasu BOX reentry load]

Christmas ver forms a line.
In addition, product usually enters, too.
Even brilliant BOX, present are quite popular.


[Lucky bag is Pooh]

4-5 points of products enter bag of Pooh.
Please come to store to see.
In a limited quantity. It is ... early!


[2015 sexagenary cycle is sheep]

In a limited quantity. Early.


[pretty stuffed toys are available]

... kedonikumenai face which eyes have bad.
Deca; is, and have all of you in manner.


It is available again.                     Quite popular throw pendulum wall clock!

sokukan is wall clock which we had by the last time arrival.
We hang on the cash register side. Please come to look at the total picture!
5,800 yen (tax-excluded)


To important one. To oneself living a new life.

We handle mug cup and teacup, rice bowl supporting new life in our restaurant.
Please come to find favorite print.


[to grandfather, grandmother running out of size]

We offer limited set.
Please drop in.



It is lifestyle Shop search suggesting "sum" taste in everyday living.
LDK space and life become fun and introduce the healed discerning miscellaneous goods.
In addition, we suggest quality of present and gift in "we give" carefully.
As you accept lapping, ask to the staff casually.


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