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Vision Style Vision Style / third Avenue

Contact lens (specialty store)

From throwaway to KOLOR, speed sells contact lens by abundant assortment of goods.

You only have thing understanding used data including empty box, Brister contact lenses remit (prescription), management notebook of contact lens and OK! "Easy" "convenience" can purchase contact lens "immediately".


From 10:00 to 21:00
Phone number

※When you want akyubyushirizu,
The presentation of contact lenses remit or prescription instructions
Please let know received medical institution name.

    From 1,613 yen (tax-included) with one colored contact lens ten pieces



New life start♪

Hello! It is Vision Style!
The new year begins, and is there not much one where new life is reached by entrance to school, entering a company? You who just began new life, and are busy are all right!
If data understand the Vision Style, you can buy contact lens immediately!
It is convenient for both occasion of shopping and work return without waiting time☆
Please use; \ (^o^)/

☆★☆★Under coupon delivery that is advantageous in LINE @☆★☆★
When friend adds "Vision Style NAMBA WALK shop"
We send advantageous coupon! For more details, ask to the staff☺


Did you come in preparation for new life?

Hello! It is Vision Style!
May there be much one becoming busy in preparation for new life soon?
We do not readily have time to go to buy contact lens…Such one, please use Vision Style♡
If prescription, empty box, Brister, management card can have thing understanding used data, I can hand immediately if in stock!
You cannot have the time! As it is sales people until 21:00, work return can purchase quickly!
Easy" Do you not begin preparations for new life in Vision Style that "convenience" "bargain" can purchase contact lens?


Let's begin pollen measures

Hello! It is Vision Style!
It is annoying "hay fever" not to consider to be spring, but I hate (+_+)
As contact lens is easy to become dirty in particular in season of pollen, care is required.
Itch of vanity that was clouded with accumulation of dirt feeling rumblingly when we left alone, eyes
It leads to to々 trouble (_)!
For prevention of adhesion of a feeling of alien substance and dirt
Contact lens wearing liquid "CM plastic Suneo" is recommended!
Moisture veil holds adhesion of dirt in check.
Several drops are all right to lenses directly even in morning that is busy as we only let you be familiar☆
Let's get over season of hard pollen with wearing liquid!



Hello! It is Vision Style!
Sale holding spring than today♪
Pricedown large clear lenses, circle lenses! It is chance that contact lens of errand is very attractive and can always purchase☆
It is one 50 yen OFF in friend new addition of LINE @ more!
Bulk buying is very attractive♫
Come to Vision Style by all means at this opportunity; \ (^o^)/

NAMBA WALK is regular holiday in all facilities on Wednesday, March 7.


The Vision Style second anniversary☆

Hello! It is Vision Style!
We appreciate your usually favoring more☆
The second anniversary open as for the Vision Style
\ (^o^)/ which we were able to reach

Vision Style including opening of the second shop
As we power up every day,
Of Vision Style which is simpler and simpler convenience, good bargain
We look forward to the use!


It finally deals with new color and starts☆

Hello! It is Vision Style!
New color 3 KOLOR (natural Mocha apricot brown classical music teak) joins deep-rooted popular "ever KOLOR one D is natural"!
Delicate design that the next new color adopted very small dot. And, as for the dot, sei remasuyo ♡ is moistened shading off without coming out more to be effective; as for ingredient, the UV protection function by addition more comfortably. As a feeling of edge is available, may we use properly to feeling?♪
We look forward to visit by all means!

(all the new colors become back order. For more details, to the staff)


New colored contact lens increased☆

Hello! It is Vision Style!

We kept all of you waiting!
New product and additional color increased! For example…nachurari and relish, franc me ☆As it is natural, and anything is design like girl, it is colored contact lens wanting you to use for event to increase let alone daily trainer from now on by all means☆
Besides, it is received a lot!
Ask having stock or not to the staff casually.

We look forward to visit☆


☆★☆★New store opens☆★☆★

"Hello! It is Vision Style!
"Eight Vision Style shop" is OPEN to eight Rinoa's today!
It is the long-awaited second shop☆
With OPEN of Yao shop, we cut the normal prices of disposable contact lens as support campaign in NAMBA WALK shop☆
\ (^o^)/ which it became easy to buy than before
Please feel free to contact to our restaurant staff about new price!
We wait for all the staff♡

Eight Vision Style shop
2-60, Hikaricho, Yao-shi, Osaka LINOAS Yao 2F
TEL: 072-990-6220


New colors are available!

Hello! It is Vision Style!
Familiar new colored contact lens joined in CM♡
With 30 pieces of neosaitowandeshieru UV (all five colors)
Recommendation is color that slightly has a very cute shieruperupinku ☺ of new color with pink♡♡

☆Under from November 1 to December 20 volume up campaign☆
About the with neosaitowandeshieru UV30 piece one box purchase
We present one entering shieruperupinku five pieces♪
It is chance of trial now!
(as the number of campaigns is limited, it may become the early end)


☆New color additional information☆

Hello! It is Vision Style!
We kept all of you waiting so long!
We started the new color handling of "LILMOON" which had a lot of inquiries!
Popular water water is added to 1DAY in three colors of new colors and 1MONTH!
It is natural group colored contact lens with translucency as well as until now♡
1DAY is 14.2mm of just right size, and there is no loser in all colors☺
※Having stock or not, please speak to the staff.


Eyes are the clothing of autumn, too☆

Hello! It is Vision Style!
Season is completely autumn! Hair color and make are the clothing of everybody autumn, does colored contact lens not leave clothes summer either? Errand only changes bright color to rich KOLOR and does in impression warm that seems to be autumn ♪ Brown that it is easy to begin one that is wondering whether to make what kind of colored contact lens is recommendation! Please consult with the staff about person who there is lot, and is at a loss by all means☺


There are many repeat customers!

Hello and is Vision Style!
The lingering summer heat seems to continue this year. This time when air-conditioner is more necessary. However, has which, "however, we dry in room" not felt, "eyes dry?" In fact, we take atmospheric moisture, and therefore air conditioner of air-conditioner dries.

Wearing liquid is recommended in such a case!
We only let you be familiar, and "moisture veil" gives lenses both sides lenses of several drops before wearing and prevents dehydration and dirt by moisture evaporation.
As effect continues by one use before lenses wearing, it is popular if simple at all! Makeup deterioration is no strikes and no balls in not being eyewash, too♪

We are selling in one 780 yen Japanese yen (tax-included)♪


We get advantageous coupon by LINE@ registration♪

Hello. It is Vision Style♪

We are delivering very advantageous LINE@ coupon in Vision Style NAMBA WALK shop♥
I can buy contact lenses by the presentation of coupon screen in discount!
In official account of reading of QR cord or LINE@
Search with "Vision Style NAMBA WALK shop"♡

Registration is discounted by 50 yen because of one contact lenses for the first time!
Please show registration screen at store.

I would like registration by all means♪


Without forgetting ultraviolet ray measures to eyes♪

It is Vision Style♪

It is time when ultraviolet ray is strong. You hear ultraviolet ray measures of skin well, are you doing ultraviolet ray measures to eyes?
We handle colored contact lens let alone UV protection clear lenses with function in our restaurant!

We will go out in colored contact lens that ultraviolet ray measures are possible more to make eyes look pretty this summer! "


We have colored contact lens, majority whom there is degree in

It is Vision Style♪

As for the colored contact lens, degree nashishikanaito is apt to seem, but our store has a lot of stock of colored contact lens which there is degree in.
If the ordered frequency is our restaurant, there is product that take-out is possible on the same day in another store!
Please drop in by all means. Even consultation is OK♪

※There is product which he/she orders partly. For more details, ask to the staff.

We look forward to visit♥


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