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The JEWELRY TSUTSUMI jewelry Tsutsumi / second Avenue

Jewelry / [TAX FREE]

If make; is ... for direct you. We wait by abundant assortment of goods.



From 10:00 to 21:00
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★Information for Christmas Collection★

Christmas collection comes up from jewelry Tsutsumi!
rinikurumochifunekkuresu of long type,
It is design which it is easy to match with any fashion.

K10YG necklace body price 25,926 yen (tax-included price 28,000 yen)
It is good to present ♪ Carry foot to jewelry Tsutsumi by all means at this opportunity.
We wait than all the staff feeling.
※Product specifications, price may be changed without notice.


Think about brightness of stars clearing up…

Jewelry Tsutsumi original brand, "Pure Planets." It is diamond jewelry which modelled brightness of stars clearing up. Shinsaku is inspire done delicate jewelry in the shining Milky Way and comet flowing shiningly in night sky. Please add miracle to bring about of nature to Collection.


Ripple of happiness that rain of megumi creates to you…

Jewelry Tsutsumi original brand, "Blessed Rain." It is diamond jewelry which modelled rainfall eagerly longed for to pour into the earth. Rings which modelled trace of pendant that new item modelled ripple of happiness that rain created and drop which dripped. Please add miracle to bring about of nature to Collection.



... which we take in jewelry in everyday life and want
From such thought to if "make directly you is "select Shop search of jewelry" which can drop in casually presenting SHOP in concept in ...".
We handle original jewelry and import jewelry from the world that was conscious of trend going from design to production in-house.
Surely, from wide design, favorite jewelry should be found!
The wonderful staff of smile waits for all of you.


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