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ITS' DEMO ITS’ DEMO / second Avenue

Fashion miscellaneous goods, cosmetics

Fashion store "ITS’ DEMO" for woman

"Smart a little" is fashion store where working woman of keyword suggests product and service that "returning wants to drop in at in the morning" to in "we of we are saved a little" "slightly happy" anytime.


From 10:00 to 21:00
Phone number



Long-awaited "STITCH" design!

In fashion store "ITS' DEMO (ITS’ DEMO) for woman," it releases limited item of popular character "STITCH" of Disney from July, 2017.

Extreme popularity characters "STITCH" with many fans.
We won extreme popularity in ITS’ DEMO at the time of release of 2016
"STITCH" design goods renovate art and appear again.

Art to become tricot in women of adult unintentionally is unmissable!

We make art of "STITCH" enjoying summer with every effort goods and go to the sea, and figure enjoying food in summer including fruit and shieibuaisu is the finish cute at all.

Product development schedules items like summer such as pouch, bag, STATIONERY, towel, clear bottle.

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Introduction of cherry tree item

A Happy New Year♪
Introducing first this year
It is cherry tree item which is good to gift.
Hand cream or bus set, room fragrance
Anything is sure that is pleased with with flavor of peace, thing♪
How about to present by all means?


Nostalgic accessories☆

Of nostalgic taste that gradually becomes popular
We introduce accessories this time!
Color taste to feel some warmth by bold color design
It is pretty product♪
Please see once by all means at store♪


Introduction of simple hair arrangement☆

It is unfolding to trendy majiesute and basic item widely at corner of hair accessories in shop!
It is cute advance clip to introduce this time♪
We only keep last and become a lot stylish if we gather up hair ♪ Please choose form you like in three angles of one which, besides, Haat and cloud motif offer.


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