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ITS' DEMO ITS’ DEMO / second Avenue

Fashion miscellaneous goods, cosmetics

Fashion store "ITS’ DEMO" for woman

"Smart a little" is fashion store where working woman of keyword suggests product and service that "returning wants to drop in at in the morning" to in "we of we are saved a little" "slightly happy" anytime.


From 10:00 to 21:00
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To goods ITS’ DEMO-limited Osamu Tezuka Gurley characters…!  Knight of ITS' DEMO X Unico & ribbon

In fashion store "ITS' DEMO (ITS’ DEMO) for woman," it releases collaboration item of "knight of Unico & ribbon" from girls' comic work of Osamu Tezuka from Tuesday, September 12, 2017.
We invite sapphire of "knight of ribbon" who can say with pioneer of girls' comic this year, and collaboration with "Unico" which won extreme popularity in April of last year appears as collaboration with "knight of Unico & ribbon" luxuriously!
We develop limitation goods only for ITS’ DEMO which even adult woman feels twinges while leaving loveliness for motif with "ribbon" which can be called symbol of Gurley.
Art in cute expression and ribbon of "knight of Unico & ribbon" is sure that the wide generation becomes tricot, thing♪

Child "Unico" of legendary unicorn which was robbed of memory by spirit zefirusu of fall wind in response to command of Venus, Venus of jealous person, and would continue wandering trip across space-time. Unico brings happiness to people by mysterious power only if people to meet everywhere love while memory is deleted whenever we wander at the times and place…. Fantasy work which loves very much, and is slightly sad about adventure of love of small unicorn.

■Knight of ribbon
By mischief of angel chinku, it is inborn sapphire princess for heart of two boys and girls. For demise, we are brought up as prince. Duralumin grand duke who wants to send son with the throne plans samazamanana trick to let sapphire proves that it is woman and lose your position. Gorgeous view of the world, fight, adventure, romance, emotional conflict of justice…Pioneer work of girls' comic which drama element which let you throb was included in abundantly.

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Introduction of cherry tree item

A Happy New Year♪
Introducing first this year
It is cherry tree item which is good to gift.
Hand cream or bus set, room fragrance
Anything is sure that is pleased with with flavor of peace, thing♪
How about to present by all means?


Nostalgic accessories☆

Of nostalgic taste that gradually becomes popular
We introduce accessories this time!
Color taste to feel some warmth by bold color design
It is pretty product♪
Please see once by all means at store♪


Introduction of simple hair arrangement☆

It is unfolding to trendy majiesute and basic item widely at corner of hair accessories in shop!
It is cute advance clip to introduce this time♪
We only keep last and become a lot stylish if we gather up hair ♪ Please choose form you like in three angles of one which, besides, Haat and cloud motif offer.


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