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2018.02.15 dekamofunamba one and Kitty appear in WHALE PARK♪

●dekamofunamba one and Kitty appear in WHALE PARK♪●

Namba one and great kinamofumofu decoration of Hello Kitty came up again in the WHALE PARK south side☆
For mofumofunasawari feeling, we do not think...

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Public commemorative campaign is held on 2018.02.16 NAMBA WALK special plan movie "chihayafuru - end -" Saturday, March 17!

NAMBA WALK special plan
Public commemorative campaign is held on movie "chihayafuru - end -" Saturday, March 17!

■Special plan 1
It is answer in quiz...

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2018.02.13 space-time Police Namba one and case book File.4 of Hello Kitty

Case more than space-time arises in Namba one bank station!
Here space-time Police "Namba one bank station" in NAMBA WALK. It is said that special investigation section exists in a certain one room in Namba one bank station.

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2018.02.13 country peace poster exhibition

From picture which featured the theme of "the future of peace" when we raised through local Lions Club, we display excellent work.

●International peace poster exhibition●
Period From Saturday, February 17, 2018 to February...

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We carry out "GREEN TEA MATCHA PARTY" on Sunday on Saturday, February 17, 2018 and 18th.
NAMBA WALK profit...

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2018.02.09 NAMBA WALK X Grand Sumo Tournament Osaka spring sumo tournament

Masu seat admission ticket of Grand Sumo Tournament Osaka spring sumo tournament hits?
We carry out NAMBA WALK X Grand Sumo Tournament Osaka spring sumo tournament present campaign!
In addition, talk show with seiseki is held in 3/4, too!

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Namba one church of 2018.01.31 flower Valentine ❁ love ※This event was finished

As Valentine event, "church of love to make with flower" comes up in WHALE PARK this year!
Student of sightseeing in Osaka technical school to be flower artist is religion of love with colorful flower in the bridal industries...

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2018.01.25 NAMBA WALK Setsubun festival holding ♪ ※This event was finished.

2/3 is day of Setsubun!
In NAMBA WALK, we hold event in connection with Setsubun!
Please enjoy parched beans weight expectation challenge and the good old bean-scattering ceremony☆
Parched beans present is line at the town and each store, too...

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2018.01.12 kids clock for free shooting society ※This event was finished.

Professional photographer of kids' clock photographs wonderful smile of children!
When we have you bring shooting society receipt that you had on the day you purchase in NAMBA WALK,
We can photograph with pretty set...

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Collaboration goods lottery holding of 2018.01.17FINAL WINTER SALE Namba one and Hello Kitty! ※This event was finished.

Secondary to BARGAIN NAMBAWAN, it is price down to price reasonable in seasonal item of this winter!
"FINAL WINTER SALE" starts from 1/18!
This year...

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2017.12.26BARGAIN NAMBA WAN New Year pom-pom art cafe holding! ※This event was finished

Full-scale winter arrival has just begun.
Price falls to reasonable price in seasonal item of this winter to be able to spend comfortable winter life!
In addition, it is New Year pom-pom art in WHALE PARK...

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2017.12.08 health measurement society in FOREST PARK ※This event was finished

Do you not perform shopping of your healthy check incidentally?
It applies to one 65 years or older, but other one can participate by the presentation with use receipt of NAMBA WALK, too☆
Please casually ♪...

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2017.12.01 Osaka Minami area, the combination campaign tenth! "All de Minami" ※This event was finished

Because of favorable reception, it became sold out for sale several minutes when we offered in NAMBA WALK.

Gift certificate of 1,000 yen *11 piece spelling that is available in 15 facilities of Osaka Minami,

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2017.11.22 luxurious present hits ★Namba one! Christmas ※This event was finished

From NAMBA WALK to all of you who always use
With feeling of thanks, we prepared luxurious Christmas present♡
Huge present BOX comes up in WHALE PARK this year♪

For more information:

2017.11.27 NAMBA WALK X POLA Christmas EVENT ※This event was finished

Christmas EVENT
-- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -...

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First Avenue north street "P.S.FA" (piesuefue) is open on Wednesday for 2017.11 .2211 22 days a month!

Opening men's ladies' business suit store "P.S.FA" (piesuefue) for a limited time!
Under shirt, Thailand, belt 990 yen + tax - development!

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Flower event of 2017.11 .10 song of weather Yamaaki of good couple ※This event was finished.

We set up photo spot where wonderful photograph comes out by couple and couple in NAMBA WALK ahead of "day of good couple" on November 22! Three kinds of photospots. We are colored all by flower arrangement♡
In addition, it is Wakayama...

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Her barium workshop of 2017.11 .10 autumn ※This event was finished

Do you not make popular "her barium" with NAMBA WALK casually now? ?☆
-- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -...

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Let's go to watch movie in answer to public commemorative quiz on Thursday (holiday) on 2017.11.09 NAMBA WALK special plan movie "spark" November 23! ※This event was finished

NAMBA WALK special plan
We memorialize publicly on Thursday (holiday) on movie "spark" November 23
Let's go to watch movie in answer to quiz!
Quiz application period: From Thursday, November 16 to Monday, November 20
Place: Namba...

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About the end of the seeing and hearing in underground passage of 2017.11.01 one segment & radio (news)

2017 when we fixed environment that can watch one segment and radio in underground passage from 2007 in Osaka underground shopping center company, but there is user in tendency to decrease by the spread of Internet of these days...

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