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2017.09.15ABC cooking studio trial lesson invitation event!

We stop at ABC cooking studio
We hold cooking enthusiast unmissable event!

By the purchase receipt (amount of money no object) in NAMBA WALK of the day presentation
Kitchen goods are successful...

For more information:

First Avenue south street "Ozz Oneste" is open on Wednesday for 2017.09.139 13 days a month!

New shop opened in NAMBA WALK!

For more information:

"asahinagu" goods are got by fight with real swords by 2017.09.10 quiz ♪ & "asahinagu" special display conduct

Quiz application period: From Friday, September 15 to Tuesday, September 19
Display period: From Friday, September 15 to Tuesday, September 26
Popular ko which won the 60th Shogakukan comics prize...

For more information:

2017.09.05 darkness mall, grudge

☟Preview picture of "darkness mall" from this☟

→ ←

Please sense view of the world of darkness mall, grudge bodily!...

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2017.08.31 space-time Police Namba one and case book File.3 of Hello Kitty

Case beyond space-time arises in Namba one bank station!
Here space-time Police "Namba one bank station" in NAMBA WALK. It is said that special investigation section exists in a certain one room in Namba one bank station.

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Let's send used clothing of 2017.08.30 you to the world ※This event was finished

Please bring used clothing which became unnecessary of all of you to NAMBA WALK.
We donate to country and area having refugees through Japanese relief clothes center.

The reception desk date and time: Friday, September 15, 2017 - 18...

For more information:

2017.08.24 ★Jumbo first class "700 million yen" went out of dream station NAMBA WALK east store once again in summer!★

The public lottery "first class" jumbo in summer
We went out of "dream station NAMBA WALK east store" of NAMBA WALK!
The 723rd whole country self-government treasure ku where lottery was carried out on August 20...

For more information:

2017.08.24 beauty support campaign is held! ※This event was finished

We will become beautiful in NAMBA WALK!
We hold beautiful support campaign★

We support skin which was tired in summer!
By free skin diagnosis and sample present...

For more information:

2017.08.21SUMMER kids land holding! ※This event was finished.

Is family in the summer; "SUMMER kids land!"

Fluff and game of Hello Kitty
We do in NAMBA WALK★☆
Everybody come to play!

[the date and time] Saturday, August 26...

For more information:

2017.08.07 kids clock for free photography society @ NAMBA WALK ※This event was finished.

Professional photographer of kids' clock photographs wonderful smile of children.
We can photograph with pretty set when we have you bring photography society receipt that you had you purchase in NAMBA WALK on the day ☆...

For more information:

2017.08.10 flower arrangement classroom in NAMBA WALK ※This event was finished.

Flower arrangement classroom in NAMBA WALK

Life with flower
Do you not begin?
Though "we were interested, we have not touched with flower and...

For more information:

2017.08.07 ice treasure hunting ※This event was finished.

Summer common usage event "ice treasure hunting" is held this year♪ 
We are big and get treasure card from cold tai ice, and let's trade with treasure!

Period From Saturday, August 12 to 15th...

For more information:

2017.08.04 dekamofunamba one and Kitty appear in WHALE PARK ♪ ※This event was finished

"dekamofunamba one and Kitty are appearance ♪" in WHALE PARK

Namba one and great kinamofumofu decoration of Hello Kitty came up on pillar of the WHALE PARK south side☆
For mofumofunasawari feeling, it is omoi wa...

For more information:

Second Avenue north street "THE SECOND BASE by Flava headwear" is open on Sunday for 2017.08.068 six days a month!

"New Era which BOSHIYA FLAVA produces," Shop search of "47" new business conditions finally strikes Kansai. We have not only hat but also apparel back accessories.

For more information:

"Do you see 2017.08.03 from skyrocket, bottom? Do you see from the side?" Let's go to watch movie in answer to quiz! ※This event was finished.

NAMBA WALK special plan
"Do you see movie from skyrocket, bottom? Do you see from the side?" 8.18 Friday public memory
"Do you see from skyrocket, bottom? Do you see from the side?"
To watch movie in answer to quiz; line...

For more information:

2017.07.21 NAMBA WALK yukata Festival 2017 ※This event was finished

NAMBA WALK yukata Festival 2017

We have you choose favorite from much yukata and dress. We photograph and present photograph afterwards! (participation for free)

For more information:

Second Avenue north street "MACCHA HOUSE Matcha building" is open on Wednesday for 2017.07.147 26 days a month!

Great line shop "MACCHA HOUSE Matcha building" of Kyoto is opened by NAMBA WALK!

For more information:

"Underground shopping center insect Festival" of 2017.07.10 summer vacation holding! ※This event was finished.

For primary schoolchild of summer vacation insect
We carry out lottery to present.
Let's get the greatest longest "king of insect"!

The first class herakuresuokabuto
The second class nijiirokuwagata
The third prize ...

For more information:

2017.07.07 outdoor festival & sightseeing PR exhibition ※This event was finished.

Let's enjoy outdoor life in Nature! We hold "outdoor festival & sightseeing PR exhibition" in NAMBA WALK WHALE PARK.
Notice deletes sightseeing information of Omachi-shi, Nagano, Hakuba-mura, Otari-mura and Kochi...

For more information:

2017.04.05 Osaka tour pass

"TOKU *2" of Osaka tour pass coupon is available in NAMBA WALK.

It is ... with Osaka tour pass
Card ticket (1st with free entrance cord of approximately 35 places of tourist attractions...

For more information:

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