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Just by showing your passport,
you can drink a Green ...

For more information:

Second Avenue south street "cocochi select" is open for 2017.04.114 28 days a month!

Of brand "GUNZE" of trust that reached founding 120 years
Select Shop search which attracted comfortable items
"cocochi select" opens in NAMBA WALK!


For more information:

Running out of all 2017.04.08 NAMBA WALK hyperdrive movie "country of emperor one" exhibition & ambition! We get goods by "emperor one quiz"!

Movie "country of emperor one" 4.29 (soil celebration) public commemorative NAMBA WALK hyperdrive
Running out of all movie "country of emperor one" exhibition & ambition! We get goods by "emperor one quiz"!

■Movie "country of emperor one" exhibition...

For more information:

Hello! New Me! which begins with 2017.04.07 NAMBA WALK

Hello! New Me! which begins with NAMBA WALK

New season came over!
It is illustrator HORAGUCHI K for all of you that new life was begun in NAMBA WALK...

For more information:

First Avenue north street "BASSANO by madras" is open on Saturday for 2017.04.084 eight days a month!

Men's shoes SHOP opening!
We offer good bargain product and wait.

For more information:

Second Avenue north street "Edgeline" is open on Saturday for 2017.04.084 eight days a month!

Ladies' clothes, ladies' outfitting general shop "Edgeline" (edge line) opening!
It is low-priced with product which private and commuting clothes seem to be able to mix-and-match.

For more information:

2017.04.07 beauty support campaign is held!

We will become beautiful in NAMBA WALK!
We hold beautiful support campaign★

You who do your best in new life, new environment
We support in SGIMURA shop and ALBION of NAMBA WALK!
We examine free skin...

For more information:

2017.04.05 Osaka tour pass

"TOKU *2" of Osaka tour pass coupon is available in NAMBA WALK.

It is ... with Osaka tour pass
Card ticket (1st with free entrance cord of approximately 35 places of tourist attractions...

For more information:

2017.04.023 turn street north street "Yokozawa art supplies" opening!

Branch for a limited time!
Kiyoshi Yamashita, Yumeji Takehisa, Taikan Yokoyama sell mainly on print of famous writer.
Person with interest waits for visit.

For more information:

Feast coupon of 2017.03.06 spring

It is gourmet in spring!

It became really warm, and encounter and parting spring came over!
In NAMBA WALK farewell party and reception,
It is usable for lunch and dinner of daily
Is advantageous; "spring feast KU...

For more information:

2016.12.20BARGAIN NAMBAWAN & New Year treasure festival holding!

★BARGAIN NAMBA WAN holding! 1/2( moon) ▶▶1/17 Tuesday

You seem to be able to spend comfortable winter life by fashion,
A that this winter is in season in each NAMBA WALK shop...

For more information:

Information for 2016.12.19 year-end and New Year Hours

✿Saturday, December 31, 2016
Fashion variety foods from 10:00 to 18:00
Gourmet             From 10:00 to 18:00

✿January 1, 2017 (day...

For more information:

2016.12.05 luxurious prize is successful ★Christmas lottery!

From NAMBA WALK to all of you who always use
With feeling of thanks, we prepared luxurious Christmas present♡
Huge present BOX comes up in WHALE PARK this year♪

For more information:

2016.11.30 child choir

To Christmas decoration, please show chorus to people of child choir this year♪
It is taste wattekuda for Christmas feeling in NAMBA WALK between shopping in what can see freely by all means...

For more information:

2016.11.0111 12 days a month Saturday NAMBA COLLECTION 2016 Autumn/Winter♡

Introduction video of appearance model is this↓
――――-- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -...

For more information:

2016.10.2410 29 days a month Saturday HAPPY HALLOWEEN photo snap

Does Halloween feeling become lively? ?
Before going to Halloween event and party in Namba
Please come to play★

The date and time: Saturday, October 29 from 15:00 to 21:30

For more information:

2016.09.30 "will send your used clothing to the world"; report and thanks

Used clothing collection event that was carried out the other day
"Let's send your used clothing to the world"; report and thanks

It is cooperation to "let's send your used clothing to the world" (9/22 - 25)
Have; and truth niariga...

For more information:

2016.09.1211 five days a month Saturday NAMBA WALK horror event 2016 "darkness mall"

Darkness mall
Girl wandering in basement and late-night despair game.
Middle of the night of Saturday, November 5 25:00 despair start.
※Application period to this event was expired.
Much application thank you mat now...

For more information:

2016.08.25 NAMBA WALK fair

NAMBA WALK fair which is open this year♪
Please participate in summer memory casually♪

The date and time: 8/27( soil) from 12:00 to 19:00
Contents: Supermarket...

For more information:

We get 2016.08.06 treasure! Ice treasure hunting

Summer common usage event "ice treasure hunting" is held this year♪ 
We are big, and let's get treasure card from cold tai ice!
He/she trades with treasure when we show pirates card★


For more information:

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