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Third Avenue south street "the DAISO NAMBA WALK" is open on Friday for 2017.05.265 26 days a month!

"Every day discovery." "The DAISO" of variety general shop presenting 3000 stores of the whole country is open!
※5 yen copy and photograph print support, too

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Second Avenue north street "Mister Donut to go" is open on Sunday for 2017.05.215 21 days a month!

It is reopened as new MISTER DONUT "Mister Donut to go" where is good to gift!
Assortment set which is good to gift is West Japan; only in NAMBA WALK shop...

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Second Avenue south street "cocochi select by GUNZE NAMBA WALK shop" is open on Saturday for 2017.04.284 28 days a month!

April 28, 2017 OPEN!
Of brand "GUNZE" of trust that reached founding 120 years
It is select Shop search which attracted comfortable items.

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2017.04.05 Osaka tour pass

"TOKU *2" of Osaka tour pass coupon is available in NAMBA WALK.

It is ... with Osaka tour pass
Card ticket (1st with free entrance cord of approximately 35 places of tourist attractions...

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Running out of all 2017.04.08 NAMBA WALK hyperdrive movie "country of emperor one" exhibition & ambition! We get goods by "emperor one quiz"! ※This event was finished.

Movie "country of emperor one" 4.29 (soil celebration) public commemorative NAMBA WALK hyperdrive
Running out of all movie "country of emperor one" exhibition & ambition! We get goods by "emperor one quiz"!

■Movie "country of emperor one" exhibition...

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Hello! New Me! which begins with 2017.04.07 NAMBA WALK ※This event was finished.

Hello! New Me! which begins with NAMBA WALK

New season came over!
It is illustrator HORAGUCHI K for all of you that new life was begun in NAMBA WALK...

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First Avenue north street "BASSANO by madras" is open on Saturday for 2017.04.084 eight days a month!

Men's shoes SHOP opening!
We offer good bargain product and wait.

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Second Avenue north street "Edgeline" is open on Saturday for 2017.04.084 eight days a month!

Ladies' clothes, ladies' outfitting general shop "Edgeline" (edge line) opening!
It is low-priced with product which private and commuting clothes seem to be able to mix-and-match.

For more information:

2017.04.07 beauty support campaign is held! ※This event was finished.

We will become beautiful in NAMBA WALK!
We hold beautiful support campaign★

You who do your best in new life, new environment
We support in SGIMURA shop and ALBION of NAMBA WALK!
We examine free skin...

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We took our ease, and this campaign ※ event already finished "`17 meals exhibition, Osaka" more in 2017.03.30OSAKA PiTaPa.

The highest possible SHOKU event once in four years in Japan!
"`17 meals exhibition, Osaka" to start on April 28, 2017.
We can enjoy event in NAMBA WALK on 20 days before holding☆

For more information:

2017.03.27 Namba one flower Marchais ※This event was finished.

We offered a lot of cute flowers which bloomed in spring.
Flower to be able to just display on desk of dining table and the workplace of home is presented every day by 1,000 people!

[period] Saturday, April 1 .2 days Sunday

For more information:

2017.03.10 Hello Kitty kids land ※This event was finished.

"Kids' land" of Hello Kitty comes back!

Fluff of Hello Kitty
We do in NAMBA WALK★☆
Everybody come to play!

[the date and time] From Saturday, March 18 to 19th...

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2017.04.023 turn street north street "Yokozawa art supplies" opening!

Branch for a limited time!
Kiyoshi Yamashita, Yumeji Takehisa, Taikan Yokoyama sell mainly on print of famous writer.
Person with interest waits for visit.

For more information:

2017.03.06 white day GOHOBI CAFÉfor Princess ※This event was finished.

amaii experience that became princess of fairy tale from NAMBA WALK to you.
Resident of fairy tale that young entertainer of Shochiku Geino plays the part of sends special reward to you♡
White day...

For more information:

Feast coupon of 2017.03.06 spring ※This event was finished.

It is gourmet in spring!

It became really warm, and encounter and parting spring came over!
In NAMBA WALK farewell party and reception,
It is usable for lunch and dinner of daily
Is advantageous; "spring feast KU...

For more information:

2017.02.25 NAMBA WALK X Hello Kitty gourmet campaign ※This event was finished.

■ Gourmet campaign period-limited menu
Eating and drinking 36 store of NAMBA WALK provides limited menu of "stamina system" or "spicy system"!
gu where is good in season when it is cold, and fatigue is easy to pile up...

For more information:

Advantageous festival of 2017.02.23 card DE spring ※This event was finished.

During period, we present NAMBA WALK cash voucher for 500 yen every use 3,000 yen (tax-included) of credit card, electronic money in NAMBA WALK.

Period 2017.3/3 Friday...

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2017.02.22 green jumbo & green jumbo mini-50 million ※This event was finished.

"The 713th whole country green jumbo & 714th national green jumbo mini-50 million" public lottery is released until from Wednesday, February 22 to Friday, March 17!
This "green jumbo public lottery,"...

For more information:

It is "thia☆ Dan" quiz shiyossa in 2017.02.20 movie "thia☆ Dan" exhibition & NAMBA WALK! ※This event was finished.

"True story ... that thia☆ Dan - high school girl has conquered all rice by thiadance" 3.11 (Sat) public memory
It is "thia☆ Dan" quiz shiyossa in movie "thia☆ Dan" exhibition & NAMBA WALK!

For more information:

2017.02.15 hides, and look for Hello Kitty! ※This event was finished.

NAMBA WALK detective office extra
We find secret Kitty and get prize!

When we fill out application paper (there is store excluding) to get by shopping during period and apply, do Hello Kitty goods hit?...

For more information:

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