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Flower event of 2017.11.10 song of weather Yamaaki of good couple ※This event was finished.

We set up photospot where wonderful photograph comes out by couple and couple in NAMBA WALK ahead of "day of good couple" on November 22! Three kinds of photospots. We are colored all by flower arrangement♡
In addition, it is Wakayama...

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Her barium workshop of 2017.11.10 autumn

Do you not make popular "her barium" with NAMBA WALK casually now? ?☆
-- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -...

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Let's go to watch movie in answer to public commemorative quiz on Thursday (holiday) on 2017.11.09 NAMBA WALK special plan movie "spark" November 23!

NAMBA WALK special plan
We memorialize publicly on Thursday (holiday) on movie "spark" November 23
Let's go to watch movie in answer to quiz!
Quiz application period: From Thursday, November 16 to Monday, November 20
Place: Namba...

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2017.11.13 space-time Police Namba one and case book File.4 of Hello Kitty

Case beyond space-time arises in Namba one bank station!
Here space-time Police "Namba one bank station" in NAMBA WALK. It is said that special investigation section exists in a certain one room in Namba one bank station.

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About the end of the seeing and hearing in underground passage of 2017.11.01 one segment & radio (news)

2017 when we fixed environment that can watch one segment and radio in underground passage from 2007 in Osaka underground shopping center company, but there is user in tendency to decrease by the spread of Internet of these days...

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Advantageous festival of 2017.10.24 card DE autumn ※This event was finished

During period, we present NAMBA WALK cash voucher for 500 yen every use 3,000 yen (tax-included) of credit card, electronic money in NAMBA WALK.

Period 2017.11/2 (gold...

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2017.10.20 "memory ... of tongue of last recipe - giraffe" public memory ★ Let's go to watch movie in answer to quiz ※This event was finished

NAMBA WALK special plan
Movie "memory ~ of tongue of last recipe - giraffe"
We memorialize publicly on Friday (holiday) on November 3
Look for hidden letter!
Let's go to watch movie in answer to quiz

Quiz application period:...

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2017.10.2010 20 days a month Friday second Avenue north street "MAMAIKUKO" reopening!

PETIT renews the shop! Theme of "MAMAIKUKO" "everyday life of Paris." We make a model of "the living left side of the stage" of people of Paris and have life miscellaneous goods of food, clothing and shelter.

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2017.10.1810 18 days a month Wednesday second Avenue south street "CAFE BREAK" reopening!

Establish newly smoking space; more excellent; proper; became. Please come to relax relaxedly.

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2017.10.12Halloween kids clock for free photography society holding! ※This event was finished

Professional photographer of kids' clock photographs wonderful smile of children!
When we have you bring photography society receipt that you had you purchase in NAMBA WALK on the day,
It is knob with pretty set of Halloween...

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It is counselor's office in 2017.10.10 administration anything ※This event was finished

It is counselor's office in anything administrative

Unfortunately there is thing that we do not understand including the inheritance, the registration, pension, will, house, work, communication, health, mediation procedure, neighborhood trouble and guides. It is free of charge, silence.

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Gathering of citizens of week prefecture of 2017.10.07 medicine and health ※This event was finished

Gathering of citizens of week prefecture of medicine and health
Right how to use ... of medicine wanting ... intellect

Right knowledge, how to use medicine to citizens of prefecture
We hold event for the purpose of having you know widely!

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Inheritance, will, adult guardianship, various authorization for free conference by 2017.10.07 Osaka administrative scrivener society ※This event was finished

Osaka administrative scrivener society holds free conference.
・We want to know procedure of succession to property in detail.
・We want to make will.
・We want to use adult guardianship procedure.
・We want to open restaurant.

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Third Avenue north street "NICOMAR" is open on Tuesday for 2017.10.0310 three days a month!

From stylish miscellaneous goods to surprised price miscellaneous goods!
We dig Waku Waku, and market "NICOMAR" is open!

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First Avenue north street "S&G" (esuandoji) is open on Tuesday for 2017.10.0310 three days a month!

Shop search of men's shoes opened! We are sold at good bargain price to formal leather shoes by casual thing!

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2017.10.0110 one day a month Sunday third Avenue south street "cook house3 turn street" reopening!

We enlarge eat-in space and are reopened!
How about bread which is delicious in clean shop?

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2017.10.01 mobile version! Gourmet coupon

With change to cool climate, autumn of taste came over!
In NAMBA WALK everyday lunch and dinner,
It is available for souvenir
It is 1 by advantageous "autumn feast coupon" event...

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Third Avenue north street "GALETTE" is open on Friday for 2017.09.299 29 days a month!

Organic salon opening of "beauty" that woman stylist gives "*!"
[lifestyle] Let be similar [straight collagen], and make CARE, and is three major conditions of hairdressing [Balance]; [translucency] [the volume...

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First Avenue south street "Ozz Oneste" is open on Wednesday for 2017.09.139 13 days a month!

New shop opened in NAMBA WALK!

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2017.09.05 darkness mall, grudge ※This event was finished

☟Preview picture of "darkness mall" from this☟

→ ←

Please sense view of the world of darkness mall, grudge bodily!...

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