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Let's send your used clothing to the world ※This event was finished

Please bring your used clothing which became unnecessary to NAMBA WALK.
We donate to country and area having refugees through Japanese relief clothes center.

The reception desk date and time: From Friday, September 15, 2017 to 18th Monday (holiday)
     From 11:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.
Reception desk venue: WHALE PARK
(Midosuji Line, Sennichimae Line Namba Station "Tohoku wicket," approximately 1 minute on foot from Kintetsu Namba Station "east wicket")
※As there is not parking lot near by, come to your top venue.

Thing which we can take: Clothing which has been washed with casual summer clothing without stain and hurt. T-shirt polo shirt blouse pants (chino pants and jeans)
Thing which is impossible of acceptance: Thick clothing, coat, suit, jacket, skirt, dress, kimono, sweater, futon, hat, shoes, bag, stationery, toy

※We interfere by washing at home, and there are none.
※If it is blanket and new article, we take sheet, towel, underwear and underwear.
※Even if there is decoration including pattern and embroidery, we do not have any problem. If it is thin clothing, we take long sleeves such as shirts.
※Children's clothes apply to things more than 80cm tall. 
※Because there is little demand, and formal wear lives or does not accept in difference in culture.
※There is group collecting anything other than clothes, but does not accept in Japanese relief clothes center because out of the activity.

★Please note that you do not accept delivery to home by this event.
In addition, as we perform acceptance by delivery to home with expenses customer burden in Japanese relief clothes center,
For more details, please refer to 06-6271-4021 (you take a rest on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays).
★We perform the fund-raising to have you bear a part of the shipping charge of relief clothes in reception desk venue. Please cooperate.

★About correspondence accompanied with typhoon 18 size approach
When it is expected with typhoon 18 size approach that disorder occurs in public transport, we may suspend event without notice.
We would like to approve beforehand.

Cooperation: Authorized NPO corporation Japan relief clothes center
   Association of authorized NPO corporation United Nations UNHCR