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Halloween kids clock for free shooting society holding! ※This event was finished

Professional photographer of kids' clock photographs wonderful smile of children!
When we have you bring shooting society receipt that you had on the day you purchase in NAMBA WALK,
We can photograph with pretty set of Halloween☆

Photograph which we photographed presents♪
It is released as clock in kids' clock formula HP.

[the shooting date and time] Sunday, October 29, 2017
[shooting venue] Whale park
[participation condition] Please bring shooting society receipt that on the day we purchase in NAMBA WALK and were done.
※Amount of money does not matter. Receipt except the day of the shooting society is not available.
[the offer number of people] The first 100 people ※We finish acceptance as soon as we reach capacity.
[target age] 0-12-year-old child or the family
[reception hours] From 12:00 to 16:30
[participation privilege] We present photograph which we photographed!
※On the day photograph becomes only handing over.
[clock exhibition] Friday, November 24, 2017
[grand prix privilege] We publish as kids' clock poster model of NAMBA WALK.

"Even as for summer day in NAMBA WALK"
We had many kids' models participate!
Exhibition of clock starts on September 29♪
Grand prix model was announced, too and appointed as this poster!
Thank you for your your participation!