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BARGAIN NAMBA WAN New Year pom-pom art cafe holding! ※This event was finished

Full-scale winter arrival has just begun.
Price falls to reasonable price in seasonal item of this winter to be able to spend comfortable winter life!
In addition, we hold art cafe in WHALE PARK bong bong on the New Year!

Please enjoy shopping in NAMBA WALK sequentially in the New Year♪
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[schedule] From Tuesday, January 2, 2018 to Tuesday, January 16, 2018
Please get winter seasonal item to bargain♪

★New Year pom-pom art cafe
[schedule] Tuesday, January 2, 2018, 3rd Wednesday, 6th from Saturday to 10th Wednesday
※It varies according to event contents. For more details, we check the following contents!
[reception desk venue] WHALE PARK
[participation condition]
You can use break space once when you have you show NAMBA WALK use receipt 1,000 yen or more during period at reception desk of WHALE PARK.
You can experience behavior and pom-pom artwork Shop search of amazake by the first arrival in break space.
※We contribute to one with use receipt more than 1,000 yen during period.
※It is available only for woman limitation or woman companion.
※We are doing with less than 15 minutes at use time of one.

●Behavior of amazake…We treat holding, daily the first 500 people to amazake as celebration of the New Year in all schedules.
●Pom-pom artwork Shop search…Please experience workshop making woolen pom-pom to holding, daily the first 200 people (only in the one you like) in all schedules except Wednesday on 10th.
●Kiwi present…We give two kiwis to first arrival 250 people on customer 1st when SNS posted pom-pom art of setting on pom-pom and WHALE PARK which we made with holding, workshop in all schedules except Wednesday on 10th. Furthermore, premium wonderful by lot hits which had you attach hashtag of "# NAMBA WALK pom-pom art" "village of #JA period" and post.
※You can participate in [amazake, pom-pom artwork Shop search kiwi present] with receipts more than 1,000 yen.