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Osaka 6 underground shopping center combination sales promotion event finally holds "spell of 6 basement labyrinths (dungeon) and demon king" from tomorrow! ※This event was finished.

Long-awaited "spell of 6 basement labyrinths and demon king" will start on 23rd for three days tomorrow!
As for the person that both planned person going for shopping by chance and person wanting luxurious premium like demystification,
Person whom demon king likes, please come to Osaka 6 underground shopping center tomorrow!

As for the participation of event, event receptionist has receipts which had you purchase more than 1,000 yen!
Answer sheet to get with 1 facility eye shows for participation after 2 facility eyes!
Gara which there is no loser that luxurious premiums are in is ni participation pop and comes if we clear mystery of 3 facilities!
We get the challenge right to game in the last when we clear mystery of all 6 facilities!
You can enjoy demystification having rather high degree of difficulty!
We look forward to, everyone!

In addition, reception desk place of 5 underground shopping centers, please confirm the following URL.↓↓

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