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Kids' land holding to be heated to be heated! ※This event was finished.

Airy house of NAMBA WALK comes over★☆
Everybody come to WHALE PARK to play by all means!

●Kids' land which is boiled which is boiled●
[schedule] Saturday, March 31, Sunday, April 1 from 11:00 to 17:00
[venue] WHALE PARK
[participation method] Child-limited who is lower than primary schoolchild, participation for free!
※Child two years or younger, please use by protector companion.
※The use of playground equipment becomes only for for each one time per person light.
※Entrance to airy playground equipment to sixth grader become exclusively children.
※Playground equipment may arrange number of people restrictions and time limit by the congestion situation light.
※Playground equipment becomes the use that we take off shoes light. I decline carry-ons such as toy, food and drink.
※We cannot take responsibility in this venue about injury or accident at all.
※Please enjoy according to the instructions and others, instructions of the staff.