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NAMBA WALK nooishiigurume, 2018 choice! Culinary guide book☆

Culinary guide book of NAMBA WALK that popular menu of each NAMBA WALK eating and drinking, cake food shop flocked was completed!
Chance when NAMBA WALK nooishiigurumeni which we did not know so far can come across♪
We distribute booklet in art NEWS PARK, and you can see even digital version☆

☆At such time…
・We want to enjoy lunch without being upset in short lunch break!
・It is close to the station and wants to drink for work return quickly!
・We want to come across secret well-known store of sweets!
・We take a break a little…We want to relax in cafe right now!
・We want to find pretty good souvenir before return!

●It is delicious conspiracy of NAMBA WALK●
[booklet distribution place] ART PARK NEWS PARK
[distribution period] The end up to - nakunari on Friday, May 25