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Real demystification game "sneak into NAMBA WALK! ... blast ... holding announced previously!

One day, in NAMBA WALK that 200,000 people come and go every day, bomb warning arrives.
"We set bomb. Hostage is all the people whom there is in NAMBA WALK."
Excellent spy starts the infiltration investigation promptly, but communication is cut off three hours later….
As for the time had left, there is a few. You sneak into NAMBA WALK as spy, and prevent blast announced previously!

●Sneak into NAMBA WALK! ... blast ... which was announced previously●

[summary] Please show receipts more than purchase 1,000 yen (possible tax-included adding up) in NAMBA WALK on the day at reception desk. We give demystification kit (one set). Based on demystification kit, let's solve case!
※It is participation type event that this event does demystification, and stimulates story.

In addition, in the following page, you can challenge summary of this demystification and prior problem. It is present with goods which are wonderful when we have it is answered prior problem correctly on four low, and official SNS of NAMBA WALK retweet by lot!

[the date] Saturday, January 26, 2019, 27th Sunday
[reception hours] From 11:00 to 20:00 (last reception desk 19:00)
[reception desk place] WHALE PARK
This event without notice of contents change or may cancel.