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NAMBA WALK special plan publicly commemorative on movie "seven meetings" Friday, February 1

Let's go to movie "seven meetings" preview in answer to seven problems!

Application period: From Saturday, January 12 to Monday, January 21
Application place: NEWS PARK ART PARK in NAMBA WALK
You fill in application paper with all the necessary matters including answer to problem, and please apply for exclusive application box.
We invite to movie "seven meetings" special preview from correct answer person by lot!
Well, in answer to seven problems, movie will go to watch "seven meetings"!
※Application assumes limit for one once. Please note that you may invalidate plural application.

A prize: Movie "seven meetings" special preview invitation 25 sets 50 people article not for sale press seat presents, too!
The date and time: Monday, January 28 18:30 opening 19:00 kaiutsurijoutsurijikan one hour 59 minutes
Place: TOHO preview room 19-19, Chayamachi, Kita-ku, Osaka-shi Applause tower 11F
We usually invite to preview in special preview room of TOHO which cannot enter!
We present press sheet of article not for sale which we cannot buy in movie theater either to person who had you participate.
As it is opportunity when it is special and is valuable, please apply!
※In the one not to be able to come to preview on the day, please refrain from application.

B prize: Binder (article not for sale) five people with function of movie "seven meetings" seven

Simultaneous holding

Movie "seven meetings" special display

Display period: From Saturday, January 12 to Monday, February 4
Movie carries out special display plan only for NAMBA WALK including panel display and reproduction of notice VTR to know "seven meetings" well!
Please come to see!

Movie "seven meetings"
It is released in TOHO cinemas Namba others, TOHO system of the whole country on Friday, February 1